GeoDirectory addon for UsersWP

When activated, this addon creates GD tabs in User Profile.

The following tabs are created.

Listings – This tab contains listings created by the user.
Reviews – This tab contains reviews posted by the user.
Favorites – This tab contains listings favorited by the user.

Each of the above mentioned tabs can have subtab for each post type.

You can exclude the post types in the settings page.

100% translatable.

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2 thoughts on “GeoDirectory

  1. Hi,
    You should include review and rating given by other users.
    Normally people look at review by others to figure out how reliable is this user to buy/purchase his/her listing.
    If the person has good review by buyer and that will encourage other buyer to buy from him/her.
    If the person has negative review , other users can avoid this user.

    With this feature, scammer can not live long in the directory and only good reputation listing owners will stay in the directory for good.

    Hope you get my good intention to improve your product.


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