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With the Friends add-on for UsersWP, your users can send and accept or reject friend requests on your WordPress website, just like on Facebook.

When activated, this addon creates a “Friends” tab in User Profile.

The “Friends” tab has the following subtabs:

1. Friends

userswp friends

This tab lists the user’s friend connections.

If you wish to unfriend a user, you’ll need to visit his/her profile, where you’ll see a button showing that you are a “Friend” of his.

userswp unfriend

On hover, the button will say “Unfriend”. After clicking it, the 2 users will no longer be connected.

The button will go back to the original state and its text will be again “Add Friend”.

2. Pending

UsersWP Friends accept or reject

This tab lists pending friend requests. This is where a user can accept or reject friends requests sent by other users.

3. Sent

userswp friend request sent

This tab lists friend requests that a user sent to other users and haven’t been accepted yet.

Integration with Notification add-on

The Notifications add-on will alert users of Friends actions on the website.

The Friends add-on for UsersWP is 100% translatable.

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