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UsersWP is a lightweight alternative to BuddyPress and Ultimate Member

Our Story

We wanted to provide a lightweight alternative to BuddyPress, including only essential features, to our GeoDirectory Customers.

UsersWP core plugin provides a login and register forms, a directory of members and a modern profile page to each registered user.

Because it works with shortcodes, it is compatible with any theme. It provides an easy templating system and it’s very easy to customize for developers.

We tried to reduce it’s options to the bare minimum to set it up as quickly as possible, but to keep it extensible for new features via add-ons.

A growing number of add-ons is available and others are being developed.

We hope you’ll enjoy UsersWP!

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. does it have private messaging? can a user talkt to the owner of a listing in a so-so real time fashion?

    1. There will be an add-on for private messages released soon, but the private message button is added to the user profiles, not to listings they create via GeoDirectory.

  2. When is the messaging plugin going to be launched? More or less? I think thats the only feature missing, everything looks great. Being messaging ready it would be kinda easy for me to add a button or a link in a listing that redirects the user profile of the owner of the listing right? So it would be one intermediate step to be able to talk to the owner of a listing. Are any of these plugins translated to spanish? doesnt seem like they are

  3. Oh btw Paolo, the facebook link at the bottom redirects to facebook for work or something. It prompted me to create an ads account. U should change the link.

  4. I want to use this plugin. Is it possible to don’t show the administrators in the userlist? This could be done by user roles.

    1. Hi,

      you can hide your own user from settings.


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