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WordPress User Registration Plugins

WordPress has long supported user signups and registrations. In fact, user management is a core feature of WordPress as a CMS, however, user registration and login are only possible through the WordPress back-end (wp-login.php). Of late, there has been a rise in the number of sites and projects that use WordPress to build a community-centric […]

WordPress profile picture. How to change avatar via Gravatar, a plugin, or custom code. (Full Tutorial)

Everyone developing WordPress websites, sooner or later, will face the need to change a user’s profile picture. That’s when they discover that inside WordPress, there is no way to do so. If you are in the situation right now to ask yourself: How do I change my profile picture on WordPress? Here you’ll find all […]

New addons: Online Users & Restrict User Signups

Hello Everyone, We have some good news. We released two new addons yesterday. Online Users Restrict User Signups Online Users Go to Appearance > Widgets > “UWP > Online Users”. You can display online members with this addon. It checks online members every x minutes. Where x is your preferred interval. This addon has a setting called “Interval”. […]