Author: Paolo

How to Create a Church Member Directory

An accurate directory is necessary to run a successful Church organization. With the proper setup, you could easily store and update member information, track attendance data, and manage other essential details. But creating a church directory can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the right tools or resources. So in this blog post, we’ll […]

How to Build an Online Community For Your Side Business

If you ever wondered how to sustain a successful side business, the answer lies in building a community around it. A supportive and engaged customer base can help you stay connected to your market, ensure profitability and keep you motivated as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, creating and nurturing a community around your business doesn’t have to […]

WordPress profile picture. How to change avatar via Gravatar, a plugin, or custom code. (Full Tutorial)

Everyone developing WordPress websites, sooner or later, will face the need to change a user’s profile picture. That’s when they discover that inside WordPress, there is no way to do so. If you are in the situation right now to ask yourself: How do I change my profile picture on WordPress? Here you’ll find all […]

The best user profile plugin for 2020

A little bit of history UsersWP has been around for a while. We decided to develop this plugin because many GeoDirectory customers were asking for it. They needed to be able to manage their users’ registration, login, and profile needs, with something better than what GeoDirectory offered. Many were using BuddyPress as an alternative, but […]