Support Policy

Please read the Support Policy before using the forum. Use of the forum will imply acceptance of this policy.

This Support Policy defines the level of assistance you should expect from us for the UsersWP plugin, payment gateways and add-ons.

Should you have any concerns about this Policy or do not accept it, please get in touch with us before using the Website.

We could revise the Support Policy at any time and from time to time you should review it to make sure that you are informed about any recent changes. This Support Policy is effective from 21 April 2014.

How we provide support

We provide Support Services in English, only through our Support Forums. Please refrain from posting in foreign languages as your posts will be deleted. We do not provide Support through any other channel (including, but not limited to direct e-mail, Social Networks, Skype or over the phone).

Support for Free Users (non members) is provided for website where only the core plugin is installed and used. If addons are installed and used (even only one addon), the user will have to subscribe again before being able to receive support.

We exclusively provide support for the latest version of both the Core plugin, add-ons and themes. Each product has it’s own dedicated Support forum. Support requests must be posted in the correct/related forum. A topic per problem must be created and submitted in the right forum, when experiencing multiple problems coming from more than one add-on.

Before submitting a new Support Topic, we kindly ask you to always consult the documentation, search through our FAQ and Forums to make sure your question has not been asked and answered already. More often than not problems comes from conflicting plugins, before opening a new Support Topic, disable all non UsersWP plugins and see if problem goes away. If it does, activate the plugin again, one by one to find the culprit. Knowing which plugin is creating a conflict will help us expedite assistance. If through this investigation your issue can’t be solved, you may open a new Support Topic.

In new Support Topic, describe the issue with as many details as possible. Avoid posting images to show us what is not working. Images can’t be debugged. It is always better to supply a link to your website. If you do not wish to make the link public, mark the reply as private and only moderators will be able to see it. We may ask you to also provide your login details or ftp credentials in case they are needed to help you. For such information always mark the reply as private so only moderators will be able to see them. We are not responsible for damages made by other members for credentials sent publicly.

We support our Plugins and Themes only and the service includes assistance with installations, setup and use. Our Support Service doesn’t cover Addons and Themes sold by 3rd party developers and resellers. Support for 3rd party UsersWP products bought on our website is provided by the 3rd party developer through his website.

WordPress Support

We do not provide support about installing, using and configuring WordPress, nor the theme used along with UsersWP, unless it is a theme we developed. Please use the forums for WordPress support and the theme vendor support forum for the theme.


We provide UsersWP and its addons as are. We don’t provide customization services for them nor we support any 3rd Party customizations of our products. For customization we intend any html/css/php/js work that changes the way UsersWP and its addons look or function, in relation to the way we made UsersWP and its addons available to you.

If you need customization services we suggest to let developer members know in our forum General Discussions, or get in touch with WordPress freelancers on sites like

Bug Fixing

We will fix any bugs in UsersWP and its Addons as soon as brought to our attention. For critical bugs we will immediately release updated versions, while for smaller glitches, we will provide the solution right away as a patch through our Support Forum for your convenience, before releasing the official updated version (that will eventually include various patches) as part of our scheduled updates.

Support Forum – hours of operations

Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 (UK Time). We guarantee an answer within 24 hours to all Support Topic Monday to Friday and within 48 hours during weekends. This doesn’t mean all solutions will be provided within 24 or 48 hrs. For more advanced or technical queries it may as well take longer.

Should you wish to get in touch for membership related issues or pre-sales questions, please send us an email. We will respond to you as soon as possible.