Moderate User Registration1.2.9

Moderate your user signups and keep your WordPress website clean and spam-free.


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Moderate User Registration

The Moderate User Registration add-on for UsersWP, allows you to manually approve or reject new user signups on your WordPress website.

New Registration Setting for Moderation

When active, this plugin adds an extra option named “Require admin review” in:

UsersWP > Form Builder > Account > Form Options > Registration Action“.

Moderation Notice for User Registration

After the user fills in all fields on the registration form and clicks the “Create Account” button, they will be prompted with a notice saying:

“Your account is under moderation. We will email you once it’s approved.”

New Option to Moderate on WordPress Users Page

If the moderation option is set to “Require admin review”, you need to manually approve the new users. A new option will be visible on the UsersWP Moderation column.

UsersWP moderation option

An option to approve or reject the new user is also available for the administrator inside the new user profile page.

Option to approve or reject user in user profile

Until approved, the users won’t be able to log in to the site.

Email Notifications

Both the admin and the user will be notified during the process.

Following is a screenshot of the email the admin gets when new user registration is awaiting moderation.

Moderation notification to administrator

The Moderation add-on for UsersWP is 100% translatable.

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