Enhanced WooCommerce user profiles1.2.9

Show users Purchases & Reviews right in their profile tabs


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Enhanced WooCommerce user profiles

The WooCommerce add-on for UsersWP allows you to enhance your buyers’ profiles with information from their WordPress online store’s activity.

Tabs added to the profile builder

UsersWP WooCommerce profile builder new tabs

The add-on creates the following tabs that you can choose to add to your customers’ profile pages.

  1. Purchases – In this tab you’ll list all products bought by a user.
    UsersWP WooCommerce user profile tabs my purchases
  2. Product Reviews – In this tab you’ll list all products reviews by a user.
    UsersWP WooCommerce product reviews in user profiles
  3. Products – in this tab you’ll list products submitted for sale by a userThe last tab is only useful if you allow your users to submit products for sale and create a Marketplace. For this, you’ll need an extra plugin like one of these Marketplace plugins.
  4. Wishlist – listing the products added to the Wishlist by a user.
    This tabs will be available, only if you have the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin installed on your WooCommerce store.

All these tabs can be added or removed from the profile as needed.

Products listed in any of these tabs have their own privacy settings.

You can show the products to:

  • Anyone
  • Logged in users
  • Only the profile owner

Number of orders and total spent in Profile and User directory

UsersWP WooCommerce show total spent orders

If you wish to show how many orders and how much a user spent, you can show that information on their profile page and in the user directory.

Pages automatically added to the account page

On the account page, there will be 3 new pages:

  • Orders – From here users can follow up on their orders
    UsersWP WooCommerce account orders
  • Billing address – Here user will find a form to edit their billing address
    UsersWP WooCommerce account billing address
  • Shipping address – Here user will find a form to edit their shipping address

If you use a plugin that adds pages to the WooCommerce My Account page (like many Marketplace plugins do, for example), those pages will appear on the UsersWP account page instead.

The Enhanced WooCommerce user-profiles add-on for UsersWP is 100% translatable.

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