Show a users activity actions right on their profile


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The Activity add-on for UsersWP displays activities in the “Activity” tab of the users’ profiles.

UsersWP activity

Activity settings page

When active, this plugin adds a settings page in UsersWP > Addons > Activity

UsersWP activity settings

The following activities will be tracked for users:

– New post published
– New comment on a post
– Friendship accepted by the user (UsersWP Friends add-on needed)
– Follow another user (UsersWP Followers add-on needed)
– New Geodirectory listing published (GeoDirectory plugin needed)
– New review submitted for a Geodirectory listing (GeoDirectory plugin needed)
– Add a Geodirectory listing to your favorites (GeoDirectory plugin needed)
– Remove a Geodirectory listing from your favorites (GeoDirectory plugin needed)
– New Group created (Groups add-on for UsersWP needed)
– Join a Group (Groups add-on for UsersWP needed)
– Like a Group post (Groups add-on for UsersWP needed)
– Like a Group comment (Groups add-on for UsersWP needed)
– New topic on a BBpress forum (bbPress plugin needed)
– New reply on a BBpress topic (bbPress plugin needed)

Admin can disable each activity tracking individually from the settings.

100% translatable.

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6 thoughts on “Activity

  1. Hello will this also shows are other custom post-type posted by the user? Currently in the free version I see the list of the names of the custom post types ( post, pages, recipe, template etc) and also the count of the number of postings…

    In the paid version will they be active to click and show the posts?

    1. The counts on the profile are just counts, we integrate with several plugins which can then show their CPTs as tabs on the profile.

      We don’t currently have a way to show any CPT but that is a good idea that we’ll try to implement soon.

      1. «We don’t currently have a way to show any CPT but that is a good idea that we’ll try to implement soon.»
        Do you have any news on that?
        Thank you for your feedback…

        1. Hi,

          sorry about it, but we haven’t tackled that task yet.

          We are currently working on private messages and groups.


  2. Hi, does this show listings posted by the MyListing themes? (and reviews on that theme)?

    1. Hi, not at the moment it does not take into account theme’s specific custom post types. Thanks

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