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Build your advanced search form, by allowing visitors to filter users by custom fields


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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search add-on for UsersWP, extends the regular UsersWP search form by adding options to filter by custom fields.

UsersWP advanced search

Advanced Search Settings

It is very easy to add new custom fields as filters to the advanced search form.

UsersWP advanced search settings

Every new custom field created, has a checkbox to enable the field as an advanced search filter for users.

UsersWP advance search include field

For example, if you create a Field Gender and add it as an advanced search filter, you will be able to search only Male Users or Female Users or Transgender or Gender-neutral Users, and so on.

You can do the same with Country, Age range, Profession, Relationship status, City of Residence, Date, or Place of Birth.

You can also combine filters for a more granular search. For example, you could search for Female users, from the United States, living in Mexico, in the age range 20 – 30.

These are just examples, but the possibilities are really endless.

This add/on is a must for any kind of Users Directory.

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