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Frontend user submitted blog posts, moderate & publish


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Frontend Post

The “Frontend post” add-on allows users to submit blog posts from a front-end page of your website.

It is ideal for a multi-author blog, where the admin doesn’t want to give access to the WordPress back end to the blog authors. .

It can also be used to easily accept guest posts and moderate them.

Easy to add front end blog post submission form

front end blog post for for logged in users

You can add the form on any page, by selecting the desired page in

UsersWP > Pages > Frontend Post Page.

You also need to add the UWP > Frontend Post Form block or, the [frontend_post_form] shortcode if you are using the classic editor.

Front-end blog post submission form settings

When active, this plugin adds a settings page in

UsersWP > Addons > Frontend Post

frontend post settings page

The Admin can change settings like :

  • Enable form for guest users or not. If enabled, two extra fields to enter the name and email address will appear on the form for logged out users. A new user will be created using those details, and the post will be assigned to the new user.
  • Select post status. It can be pending, draft and published.
  • Change the success and error messages.

Dedicated email notifications

This add-on will add two new email notifications in UsersWP > Emails > User Emails | Admin Emails

frontend post user notification settings

The admin can enable/disable them and change both the subject line and content of both emails.

Integration with the reCAPTCHA add-on

Using the reCAPTCHA add-on it is possible to enable the reCAPTCHA technology on the frontend post form to avoid spam submission from bots. The Admin can enable/disable captcha on this form from the settings page of the reCAPTCHA add-on.

The “Frontend post” add-on is 100% translatable.


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11 thoughts on “Frontend Post

  1. Can users upload images / video here?

    1. Did anyone ever answer?

    2. Images yes, video can only be embeded. Thanks

  2. Can users edit their posts from the front end?

    1. Hi Suzan, sorry for missing your comments. Yes users can edit their posts too.


  3. Hello;
    Do you have some plugin  when click on some girl that have all this buttons, go to private, buy credit, send gifts…
    Do you have some plugin like this or can you make for me some like this for my WordPress site? 
    I need this gift icons and buttons send gift, chat, video call and buy credit.
    Best Regards

    1. We do not, I’m sorry.

  4. What does the Front Post look like? Is there a Demo available?

    1. Hi, it is a simple form to get blog posts submission from registered users and also from guests.

      You can test it in our demo:

      Let me know if you have other questions.


  5. Hi Paolo,
    How about Custom post types?
    I have a Portfolio post type. Can I assign this portfolio to be my front end post type for users? Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry to inform you that currently this only works for blog posts. However, I’ve already asked the developers to extend it to work with Custom Post Types too.


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