Multisite Creator

Multisite addon for UsersWP.

This addons lets your users to create new site for multisite on registration.

When activated this addon adds two new fields called “Site Title” and “Site Address” in registration form builder.

Admin can add these fields in registration form to display in the front side.

After filling the details and submitting registration form it will create new site based on the details provided once user activated successfully.

100% translatable.

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3 thoughts on “Multisite Creator

  1. Is there an example of this somewhere? And can you elaborate on how this works and what the end result may look like?

  2. Hi there

    Is there any demo or screenshot ?Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi,

      if the option to register new sites is enabled, the add-on adds 2 custom fields to the register/account form builder : site tile and site address.

      You can add them to the register form so users can create their site while registering, or you can add them only to the account page, so logged in users can create a site from where they edit their profile.

      This is an example of the 2 fields added to the registration page.

      register form with fields to create a site in a network


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