Multisite Creator

Multisite addon for UsersWP.

This addons lets your users to create new site for multisite on registration.

When activated this addon adds two new fields called “Site Title” and “Site Address” in registration form builder.

Admin can add these fields in registration form to display in the front side.

After filling the details and submitting registration form it will create new site based on the details provided once user activated successfully.

100% translatable.

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7 thoughts on “Multisite Creator

  1. Is there an example of this somewhere? And can you elaborate on how this works and what the end result may look like?

  2. Hi there

    Is there any demo or screenshot ?Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi,

      if the option to register new sites is enabled, the add-on adds 2 custom fields to the register/account form builder : site tile and site address.

      You can add them to the register form so users can create their site while registering, or you can add them only to the account page, so logged in users can create a site from where they edit their profile.

      This is an example of the 2 fields added to the registration page.

      register form with fields to create a site in a network


  3. What does it mean to “create a site”? I completely do not know what this means. Does this mean they’ll be able to duplicate my site?

    For example, I have a site called Would the user be able to create another site just like this somehow with this feature? If so, what would that look like? Would it be tied to my site somehow, a separate site completely? What are some examples as to why someone would do this and how this would work. Can you do a screen capture video or share a website that has this feature and a users created site we can see?

    Thanks for your time! This is an interesting sounding feature. I have heard of multi-sites before but haven’t understood them.

  4. I too would like to know more about the multisite creator. For example does it create a sub-directory within the main site, or a sub-directory? Does the main site need to already be set up as a multi-site installation? Can this option be integrated with the payments addon in geodirectory so only premium users can do this but free or basic paying members cannot and can only get a GD places listing. if a premium user opts to get a multisite (addon site?) would they ALSO get a GD listing as well, and where / how does the existence of their new site show up? There are a lot of unanswered questions here – but depending on the answers this could be a real game-changer. i have just installed GD on a multi-site installation using KLEOE. I currently have BuddyPress installed too, but as yet no users as we are not yet in full production. Before i go any further i wanted to check out the functionality offered by usersWP Multisite Addon as otherwise i was planning to install WPUltimo so users can set up their own sites as subsites of my main site – it users sub-domains not sub-directories.

    1. Hi,

      the network must be set up in advance and the option to create a subdirectory or a subdomain netowrk of websites is in the hands of the site admin.

      There is no integration with the GeoDirectory Pricing Manager or GeoDirectory in general.

      We haven’t created this plugin thinking about that to be honest. (nobody ever requested something similar…)

      This plugin only does what it’s specified in its description. Basically brings the website creation of a Multisite network in the front end instead of doing in it the wp-login.php page of WordPress.


      1. Thanks Paolo for your prompt response. I am giving it further thought.

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