User to User Private Messages1.0.13

Allow your users to send each other private messages in a Facebook-like chat.


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User to User Private Messages

Inspired by the most popular private messaging systems in the World (Facebook Messanger), we are proud to introduce the User to User Private Messages add-on for UsersWP.

This add-on allows you to add a “Social Network” style Chat on your WordPress website, allowing members of your online community to chat one on one.

Logged-in users may send messages to other users. By clicking the “Message” button that appears on the user’s directory or user’s profile page or messaging sidebar.

Upon clicking the “Message” button, a popup message box appears where the user can enter the message to send.

UsersWP private messages

Features and Settings

  • Define message length. Set a character limit for messages.
  • Unread message notifications. Send email notifications for unread messages at your chosen interval.
  • Users Black list. Stop selected users from using the chat.
  • Profanity filter. Specify words that you want to be restricted on your site’s chat
  • Message box design. Customize the color of each element of the chat.
  • Allow users to block other users. If someone is trolling or spamming other users, they can be blocked.

The “Messages” tab in the profile shows a list of recent conversations.

userswp messaging conversation history

Users can restrict who is able to send them messages from the account page.

For example, they can allow messages from Everybody, Nobody, Friends, or Followers, based on setting in Account > Messaging.

The UsersWP Private Messages add-on is fully responsive and 100% translatable.

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