Any news about Messaging / Chat feature?

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    I want to buy the complete pack (addons) of UsersWP, because I like your work, I have all the GeoDirectory suite, coupled with WCMarketplace and GeoMarketplace. I also have difficulty understanding how to set this up, because WCMarketplace has its own user management, but the end goal is to use the UsersWP system.

    Because it seems logical to me that I work with UsersWP for user management. But I need to know if you plan to release the messaging functionality soon?

    I ask this following Stiofan’s message here:

    Thank you.


    Alex Rollin
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    We have put a lot of work into messaging, but it has not yet been released because we have several other addons that are getting attention first.

    Most marketplaces have a ‘vendor dashbaord’ that can use the “uwp_account” shortcode to allow users to update their user account settings.

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