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    Peter Berger
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    I do not want the author in the blog as specified in the theme, but when UsersWP is activated the author is shown in the blog. What to do?

    I want use a transparant png as profile pic but it is shown as black background. Is there anything to fix that?

    Best regards, Peter


    Alex Rollin
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    1. Can it be hidden by CSS? Please share a link
    2. Please share a link


    Peter Berger
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    1 UsersWP > Author Box, try to disable it and let us know if that was it

    2 It looks like the avatar upload tool adds a black background to images with transparencies. I’ve asked to the developer to have a look and let us know if and how it can be prevented.

    He’ll let us know as soon as possible



    Peter Berger
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    Thanks Paolo,

    1 That works (I read setttings as theme settings. I should have tried.)

    2 That is great.

    Best wishes, Peter

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