Did UserWP Update Affect Register and Login?

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    I had customers attempting to login today to register and login but nothing happens when they click the submit button. And they are getting an error on mobile.

    See screenshots next screen


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    The Recaptcha is coming from the Shield plugin and not from our UsersWP – Recaptcha add on. Can you explain a bit more about how it was before and after the update UsersWP core? We need to understand this to regenerate the issue.



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    Sorry… my fault.. Got it Fixed. Figured out what the issue was after you mentioned Shield. It goes back to the issue that we can NOT Export our GD settings after we have a site setup like we want it. So the only way is to use something like the Duplicator plugin.. which is what I used.

    then two things happened. I never thought to change the Recaptcha setting on the new website in Shield. I had it set to ignore the Administrator and even with all my testing of the Login and Registration in different browsers I never had seen that issue.

    I was getting a number of spammy signups almost daily so it was working. But because of the spammy signups I decided to add Shield’s Anti bot JS protection to my forms. I never had an issue in testing and no one ever notified me of an issue in the short time after I added this antibot js protection… until yesterday.. the day after I updated the UserWP plugins.

    Soo…. seems like with you pointing out that the Recaptcha was coming from Shield and then realizing that I still had old Recaptcha code in Shield I figured it out. Seems to be working now.

    Thanks for your help.

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