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    Can I change/remove the large header on the profile page? It is not needed.

    I need a place for the person registered to be able to download a private document. Do I need the easy digital download add on to be able to do this? If so, how and where are the documents loaded for someone to download them.

    I also don’t want clients to see other clients profiles.

    Please advise.


    Alex Rollin
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    for the header, you can hide that with CSS or use shortcode options on the profile page to make the profile the way you want. Shortcodes are all covered on the general settings page.

    if you upload your document to a private post, for example, you could change the author of that post to the user and it would show up in their “Posts” tab.

    Otherwise, you can use the Tabs UI (builder) to use a shortcode for another program.

    The EDD addon makes that easier, just turn on the addon.

    About the private profile, please see:


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    My site says: There are 29 errors which must be fixed before you can save.

    I added the snippet you suggested above for removing the heading on the profile and I got the error message. Any suggestions?



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    Nevermind. I was able to get the shortcodes to work to remove it. Thanks!

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