How to change field "Password" in login page?

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    Pawel Wojcik
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    Hi, I would like to replace text “Password” in login page for other text, but I can’t found it anywhere. In others places like register form it’s okay, because I placed text in Form Builder in field “Label”, but for login page this didn’t work. I tried found this text field in all files from FTP, but don’t found there too. Please show me file where I can change it.


    Alex Rollin
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    You can change that with translation.

    Use POEdit to change the strings.


    Pawel Wojcik
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    It doesn’t work.


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    Did you follow this part of the documentation?

    Because if you do things exactly that way, it will work. It works for thousands of websites.

    If you can’t make it work, please provide a link, admin and ftp credentials and we will tell you what you are doing wrong.

    Let us know,


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