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    Hi guys,
    This is looking really great.
    How did you’ll do this?

    Please can you provide instructions.


    Alex Rollin
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    What we can share is visible in the source code 🙂


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    Hmmm….I can’t really figure it out.
    Is it a plugin like this?
    Or Custom CSS?

    What keywords should I googling for to get that effect?


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    That’s all custom code. Once we are done releasing V2 and updating the new theme on all 3 sites, I’ll ask to Stiofan to share few more details.

    If you ask on to replicate it for you, most of the full stack devs could probably do it identical.



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    That would be really great! Thank you!


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    Hi Stiofan,
    If you can share a few more details regarding this would be appreciated.

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