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    I would really like to take UWP to another level with my project. Right now I only use it for registering, I don’t reference the users anywhere else. I would like to link to all the users to encourage them to do more with their profiles.

    Is there a way to order the users based on the activity of the user? Maybe in such a way that those with a profile picture and cover photo show first? Then when someone goes to the users page to see what it’s all about the user profiles potential will be more evident.

    Order could simply be based on showing users first with a profile pic and cover photo, that would be sufficient. Some ideas would be to give admin control to:

    -Select a default sort order
    -Sort by users with profile pic and/or cover photo
    -Only show users with pic and/or cover
    -Additionally sort by users with most recent activity (based on reviewing, favoring, and/or adding a listing)


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    I think having this sort of sorting, at least by showing users with profile pic and cover first, those with just a profile pic second, those with nothing last, this sorting would make me want to start integrating the Users more into my site. Then I would probably feel more compelled to also add more UWP features and even pay for the whole shabang!


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    Thanks, great ideas for future versions!

    For now there is just the option to change the layout of the view or to exclude users in the settings at:

    UsersWP – Users

    There are several additional addons to make the profiles more lively, including the activity plugin.



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    I would love to purchase more addons. But, first I need the core one to do some things. I will buy the addons the core add on offers:

    -The ability to administratively set which view is default when seeing all users
    -When showing List View for it to look like GD list view
    -To rearrange a users profile tabs so that the description is first
    -When seeing “Listings” and “Reviews” the CPT with the most is displayed first by default

    After these things are in place I think the core addon will be more enticing and therefore usable and I will jump right into purchase the remaining addons!

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