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    We just started with UserWP and so far it is very useful. We run a local classifieds site and get a persistent spammer who floods our listings with junk ads. Our regular users are very local so we can pretty effectively block him if we ask for State in registration.
    >> With the Moderation add-on, could I set a condition that if you register, say you are in our state, you pass right through. Only those OUTSIDE our state are forced into admin review. Is that option available? I do not want to set all users to go through Review-only people who register as not from Nevada. I would use email verification, but have other reasons for not being able to use that mechanism.
    Thank you for your help and insight.


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    the addon does not have that type of conditional moderation at this time but I will ask the developers if they will consider adding that in the future. They always consider popular feature requests.

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    Thanks, that would be really handy. If they were to develop it, the element that would be useful would be to take one of my registration fields, in this case it would be a custom field with dropdown choices, and let me set it so if a user registers with an option I see as a worrisome, then they go into Review. All others pass through.

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