Register form doesn't show fields | form builder doesn't either

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    The registration form is not working; it only shows the “create account” button.
    Also, in the form builder section the register tab doesn’t show anything under “Setup New Field”. i don’t even know if there should be anything there, but at the moment there’s nothing.

    The account tab does include the fields i need to show in the registration form, and the “Include this field in register form” box is ticked for all the items.

    Here’s the url for the registration page in case you want to take a look:


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    It seems you tried to deactivate and activate plugin several time. So I would suggest you delete all the data of UWP and reinstall the plugin. For that, you have to tick checkbox UsersWP->Uninstall->Remove Data on Uninstall? and save and after that you need to deactivate the plugin and delete it from the plugins page on the admin side.

    Let me know if this is a new site or the UsersWP plugin was working but now you are facing the issue then we can try different solutions as the above action will remove all the data saved by UsersWP plugin so take the backup of the database before doing this.



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    this site is on early building stage so at this point all data is basically dummy data. The problem was present since i installed it, that’s why i deactivate it to try a different approach. Then i decided to give it another go, but couldn’t make it work.

    I will proceed to uninstall/install and will come back to report.


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    Hi again,
    The uninstal/install process went well and now i’m able to see all fields correctly.
    I have 2 questions though:
    1.- i need to have the plugin translated into spanish. Is there a repository or something like that where i can download the spanish language? I’ve seen people working with poedit, but i just don’t understand how that thing works. Any help in this regard will be MUCH appreciated.

    2.- i noticed that there is no hover state in the buttons. I just register a dummy account and the “create account” didn’t change to a hand, it just kept the cursor. That is confusing as the user might not realize he can actually press the button.
    Is there a way to modify that?

    Thank you very much for your time, have a great weekend.

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