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    Surender Mehra
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    Hi Team,

    I am not sure if it is happening with only me or not, I am using (using v2 beta), I tried to see all topics in support but nothing is matching with my problems, I am working on a website and trying to create a registration form for users so that before they post anything they must be registered.

    Now when i go to form builder and try to add custom fields it allows me to create the custom fields.
    The problem is that. when i go to registration page as a logged out user using a different web browser it does not give me options to register, please see the attachments. The predefined fields are not there like first name, last name, emails.

    I think i found the issue but not sure how to correct that, please advise see the attachments.

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    Surender Mehra
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    Also i just noticed another thing.
    When i am searching in settings, Under users wp settings the ‘account’ option is missing, can that cause any problems because it shows.

    Field Label Description
    Disable “Display Name” Field If checked “Display Name” Field will be disabled in Account Form.
    Disable “Bio” Field If checked “Bio” Field will be disabled in Account Form.


    Surender Mehra
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    It is working fine now, we figured out the problem. have a nice day ahead.


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    Thanks for letting us know.

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