Synchronizing Addresses in UsersWP and WooCommerce

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    I’m trying to use UsersWP to register clients, who will then purchase memberships on WooCommerce. I use WooCommerce Memberships, Subscriptions, and Teams. I have the UsersWP core and have subscribed to the UsersWP WooCommerce Plug-in. I have successfully created a user by registering through UsersWP and I was able to login to that user account and make a purchase from my WooCommerce subscription. I had to enter billing information in the WooCommerce form.

    So, I’m not clear what the Users WP WooCommerce integration actually connects between Users and WooCommerce. In general, I’m not clear what relationship there is between the data gathered in the UsersWP form and my WooCommerce stack. Somewhat related, perhaps – I was NOT successful in requiring registration or login to make a new purchase.


    Alex Rollin
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    The WoOCommerce integration addon presents the user’s orders on their profile tab.

    To set it up visit the addon settings at:

    UsersWP – UsersWP – Addons – WooCommerce

    Then adjust the tabs you want to view at

    UsersWP – UsersWP – Profile

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