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    Mitch Canton
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    In your docs it says:

    “Copy the template you want to change, say for example: profile.php, copy it from userswp/templates/profile.php to a folder in your theme called /userswp/profile.php”

    so if I wanted to change /wp-content/plugins/userswp/templates/bootstrap/login.php

    would it be:
    would it be

    I thought it had to be exactly the same folder structure, but the docs indicate otherwise. Not sure how it works for UWP.



    Alex Rollin
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    I will ask the developers to confirm.


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    You should override the files from templates to the theme via creating a userswp folder and copying the file you want to override and if the file is in another folder say bootstrap then you have to create that folder and then paste that file in that folder. So in your case, the correct path to override the file is /wp-content/themes/generatepress_child/userswp/bootstrap/login.php

    Let me know if it helps you or not.



    Mitch Canton
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    Hey Patrik,

    OK, so my error was in including the ‘templates’ folder in the structure. I had replicated it *exactly* from the plugin folder.

    I created without the /templates/ part and it works as I expected.


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