Update usermeta table using UsersWP

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    Nathan Paveley
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    UsersWp version : Version
    Wordpress 5.3.2

    I have looked through the support forums and was unable to find the answer to the below:

    Summary of what I am after
    As UsersWP uses its own database table to store userdata I was wondering if its possible to either;
    1) Display (in a editable format) data from WordPress default usermeta table.
    2) Make it so a key in the userwp_meta table updates a key in WordPress usermeta table.

    More Information
    I currently use Paid Membership Pro in order to get paid membership subscriptions to my website. Therefore I need to use their registration form to collect user data. This plugin saves the user data to WordPress default usermeta table. I would like to user Userwp for everything else, eg the account page where users can access and update their information. This includes updating the fields saved in WordPress usermeta table. Example below

    On registration a user enters their mobile number – (saved to WordPress usermeta table)
    They then visit their UsersWp account page. On this page their mobile number is displayed and editable.

    Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve had Geodirectory for a number of years and would really love to get UserWp working for my website too!

    Thanks in advance


    Alex Rollin
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    1) Not currently
    2) Not currently

    Neither of those are in the plans right now.

    I will ask the developers if they can provide an example of how to save a field outside of a form.


    Nathan Paveley
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    Thanks Alex

    I will await the developers feedback


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    This is not easily possible and requires customization to work like you said. We store all meta information in our own table. There are hooks and filters using which you can save the form fields in user’s meta table on account form submission.


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