Userwp and Ninja forms ReCaptcha

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    Anton Stroebel
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    I really hope this makes sense.

    I have enabled ReCaptcha on Ninja forms for the contact link in the widget bar. I also use Userwp Recaptcha for the rest of the site.

    I use the same Recaptcha site key on both as the key is linked to the domain, but I’m getting “ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type” on my contact form (Ninja Forms).

    How can I fix this and/or what is the best practice having 2 different plugins requiring the same Recaptcha settings?


    Alex Rollin
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    Try a different version, like ReCaptcha V2. You can use the same key but NF may not support the version you are using. Contact them to find out more. UWP support all versions.

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