Woocommerce registration vs. UsersWP registration?

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    I am using Woocommerce memberships, subscriptions, and teams. A new client registration process is part of that setup. I am trying to understand how UWP registration relates to WooCommerce registration. It appears I am to set up the menu where my clients register as either WC or UWP, as they both carry out the same functions. However, the UWP_account page does not provide links to several of the forms to which WooCommerce_my-account does. In deciding how to handle this, I need to understand the relationship between the tables wp_users, wp_usermeta, and wp_uwp_usermeta, and how UWP stores the data from my UWP form.


    Alex Rollin
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    UsersWP uses custom tables for all user meta. All basic WP user info is in the normal WordPress tables, though.

    UsersWP profiles are ‘social’ and often used to show links to directory related functions like adding a new listing.

    Was there something more specific you are looking for?


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    Is all user UWP meta in wp_uwp_usermeta?

    Does UWP Account use the same meta tags for addresses in wp_usermeta as WooCommerce does? It appears to do so from my testing.


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    UWP uses the custom table wp_uwp_usermeta for storing metadata fields created via form builder for an account and registration forms. The normal user is registered via WP default functionalities but the metadata submitted via UWP account form will be stored in our custom table. We have WooCommerce add on which can be used to display products and orders in the profile tab as well as in our account page there are forms for changing billing/shipping details. You can check our add on here: https://userswp.io/downloads/woocommerce/


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