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myCRED Integration



The myCRED Integration Addon adds the ability for site owners to rewards site members for activities related to their UsersWP profile.


  1. Install and activate UersWP.
  2. Install and activate the myCRED plugin (Read More)
  3. Install and activate the myCRED Integration Addon for UsersWP (see Installing Addons).


Visit the page here to adjust your settings for UsersWP: WordPress > myCRED > Hooks
WP Settings for myCRED
In the expanded panel, adjust the points awarded to your site members for each activity.


UsersWP Profile showing total points and tab with points log

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable transfers?
If you want to enable UsersWP to display information related to transfers between users, you will also need to install the myCRED Transfers Addon at WP > myCRED > Add-ons > Transfers
Why does the Admin Bar have a Points link to Dashboard Points History
This is a feature of the myCRED plugin; questions about hiding or changing the link should be directed to the myCRED plugin author.
Why does the profile show the points transaction count instead of the balance?
Site owners have the options to hide the points balance for each user. The balance is shown on the Points page in order to make the style of the profile uniform while still respecting that setting. Visit the myCRED plugin author for more options for displaying your site member’s balance.

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