Social Login – Instagram

Setting up the Instagram App Login to your Instagram developer account. Click on the Register a New Client button: Fill out the form with the following values and then click on the Register button: Application Name: You can use the name of your website Description: For example “my website”  Social Login Company name: Your company name Website: […]

Social Login – Facebook

Setting up the Facebook App Login to your Facebook developer account. Go to My Apps > Add a New App On the next screen, add a Display Name and your email, and then click Create App ID: On the Next page “Add a Product” select Facebook Login and click Set Up: In the sidebar, choose Facebook […]


Introduction Preparation Setup FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Introduction UsersWP offers the Mailchimp Integration addon to allow your site visitors to easily subscribe to your Mailchimp email list. This guide explains how to setup the integration. Preparation For this guide, we assume you have completed the following: Installed and Activated UsersWP plugin Installed and Activated […]

Installing Addons

Introduction Download Install Plugin Settings Automatic Updates Manual Updates Update FAQ Introduction You can extend your site by adding any of the Addons. You can buy individual Addons and Payment Gateways of your choice here, or you can buy a membership that includes all Addons and Payment Gateways here. Download the new plugin Once you have purchased […]