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Add Custom Field to Register Form

Read more about Form Builder


This guide shows how to add new custom field to the Register form.

Visit UsersWP – Form Builder – Account


In this short guide see how to add a new custom text field to the Register Form.

  1. Click Text
  2. Edit Field Settings
  3. Select Yes – Show in Register form
  4. Save Field
  5. Visit Register Form Tab
  6. Click the new text field
  7. Drag and drop to re-order
  8. Visit your Register page and form in a different browser to see the new field

Click Text

Getting Started – Next Step

This completes the Getting Started guide. Refer to the Core Plugin documentation for more detail about options, and contact the support team if you have questions.

Read More About Form Builder

For a more detailed description of the Form Builder settings and options see the UsersWP Form Builder doc

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