New addons: Online Users & Restrict User Signups

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Hello Everyone, We have some good news.

We released two new addons yesterday.

  1. Online Users
  2. Restrict User Signups

Online Users

Go to Appearance > Widgets > “UWP > Online Users”.

You can display online members with this addon. It checks online members every x minutes. Where x is your preferred interval.

This addon has a setting called “Interval”. You set the interval in minutes there. Default 15 minutes.

Unlike our competitors, we use ajax to check online status. So you won’t have any problem with caching plugins.

User account page has a privacy option. So a logged in user can hide their online status.

Ofcourse as an admin, you can remove that user privacy setting too. Which means user cannot hide their online status.

Restrict User Signups

This addon impose restrictions on username and email.

With username restriction you can exclude certain user names completely or partially.

Username Restriction

Full username restriction

This restriction is useful if you are planning to exclude certain username.

Ex: support, admin, administrator

Partial username restriction:

Partial restriction is intended for profanity filter.  You don’t want your site usernames contains words like sh*t, b*tch, {insert your favorite swear word here}

If you have enabled partial restriction for the word “xyz”, then user cannot register any username that contains xyz.

Ex: xyzvvv, abcxyz, ggxyzkk

Email Restriction

Internet is full of spammers. Some spammers use disposable emails for creating accounts in your website. We have included a list of 3200 domains in the default block list. All you have to do is enable the checkbox.

You can obviously include more sites.

Default blocked domains can be found here.

Thats all.

Thank you 🙂

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