Frontend post Add on functionality question

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    Hi guys,
    Can I achieve this?


    Please advice. Thanks.


    Alex Rollin
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    The UsersWP frontend post addon is for adding posts from the frontend.
    Not sure what you are pointing at on the other link.
    Styling for posts is not covered, if that is what you mean.


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    Basically in the other link it looks like an Activity feed (Like a bare bones Facebook News feed.)
    It looks like multiple Users are posting Frontend posts onto that Activity Feed page.

    Is there a way to similarly do that with UWP? Allow multiple users to submit Frontend posts on a single page?


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    We currently don’t have a “Wall” type of add-on for UWP. BuddyPress core plugin has that out of the box.



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    Ok. Let me check it out. Thanks!

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